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Commack is a rather large community, composing 12 square miles of land and falling into both the town of Huntington and the town of Smithtown, geographically. The Carll family is credited with having deep ties within the community and helping to build up the local economy throughout history. Today, Commack sustains a huge population of 36,124 persons, according to the most recent census from 2012. Of this 36,000, women have a minute majority at 51%. The median resident age is 43 years, while the median household income as of 2012 is $107,587.

Eight schools serve the Commack School District; Indian Hollow School, North Ridge School, Wood Park School, Commack High School, Sawmill Intermediate School, Rolling Hills School, Burr Intermediate School, and Commack Middle School. For the most recently completed 2013-2014 school year, all eight schools were held in ‘good standing’ based on the New York State Department of Education’s grading schedule. This is the highest score awarded to a school. Burr Intermediate School and Commack High School were also deemed ‘reward schools,’ meaning that they made significant strides and improvements in multiple categories over the past year. Commack High School has drawn much attention in recent years; U.S. News & World Report ranked Commack High School 95 in the nation amongst the top 100 high schools in the nation in 2012. It was also ranked as the 18th best in New York State. Further, in the following year (2013), Newsweek ranked Commack High School 355 out of the best 2000 public high schools in the United States.

Commack supplies tourists and residents with impressive museums and parks: Telephone Pioneers of America, Sunshine Acres Park, Hoyt Farm Town Park, Wicks Park, and John J. Flynn Memorial Park are such examples. The Telephone Pioneers of America is a museum helping to illustrate how the telephone emerged throughout history to become a major centerpiece in life today, with exhibitions giving engrossing explanations. Sunshine Acres Park is a small community park offering a playground, playing courts and fields, and paved trails. Hoyt Farm Town Park houses a museum, Water Park, sports fields, and nature trails, amongst many other amenities. A bounty of parks and recreational facilities line the streets of Commack and offer ideal locations to spend time with children.

In terms of restaurants, Commack supplies an impressive amount of eateries. Community favorites, include: Andrea’s 25, Nisen Sushi, Pastrami N Friends, Jackson’s Restaurant, Mannino’s Italian Restaurant, Kiran Palace, and Takumi Japanese Restaurant. From this small exemplification of some favored dining locations you can comprehend just how diverse the cuisine is with options ranging from Italian, Japanese, and Indian. Andrea’s 25 serves a myriad of purposes, from an appealing event location to a quaint night out for dinner. Nisen Sushi has amassed positive feedback for its fresh sushi. Pastrami N Friends is a Kosher Deli located within Commack that is a great place to go for a tasty sandwich, and is regarded as one of the best delis in the area. Jackson’s Restaurant offers a social scene people yearn for with happy hour, trivia nights, and even rare beer nights. Mannino’s Italian Restaurant serves great Italian foods at affordable prices and is definitely worthy of a visit. Kiran Palace provides guests with great Indian food. As you can see despite what type of food you’re in the mood for, Commack likely has an eatery for you.

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