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Riverhead was, at first, land occupied by Native Americans. This land was purchased from the natives during the mid-17th century and originally fell under the jurisdiction of the town of Southold. Riverhead became its own township on March 13, 1792, and time has transformed it into one of the most progressive and interesting places to live on Long Island. Today, Riverhead has a population in excess of 13,000, where females hold a slight majority at just over 51% of the population. The median age of residents is 40.2 years, while the median household income is $52,266.  The Riverhead Township, as a whole, has a population exceeding 33,000 individuals.

Seven schools serve the Riverhead School District. These schools are: Roanoke Avenue School, Aquebogue Elementary School, Phillips Avenue School, Riverhead Middle School, Riley Avenue School, Riverhead Senior High School, and Pulaski Street Elementary School. For the most recently completed 2013-2014 academic period, the majority of these schools were held in ‘good standing,’ based on the New York State Department of Education’s standards. This is the highest mark obtainable, and signifies that each school is meeting all state held standards. The minorities here were Roanoke Avenue School, Phillips Avenue School, and Pulaski Street Elementary School. They were all designated to the ‘local assistance plan,’ which is the second highest score, and simply means that improvement is necessary to avoid further involvement from the state department. Overall, the district was held in good standard. Riverhead High School has formidable sports programs – in 2009 the football team captured the Long Island Championship.

The town of Riverhead has ample beaches, parks, and activities for which to entertain oneself. Beaches include: Reeves Beach, Wading River Beach, Iron Pier Beach, and South Jamesport Beach. These attractive oceanfront locations offer other amenities like playgrounds and easy accessibility and parking. South Jamesport Beach is a prime destination for families with toddlers and small children as the water is shallow and there are tennis/basketball courts and a playground. Reeves Beach has a boat launch area, right in Riverhead, providing for easy access for pleasurable boating outings.

For community minded members looking to be active within the town, do not overlook Riverhead. There are countless opportunities to be involved. Attend a town board meeting or attend an annual antique fair like the annually occurring fair at Old Steeple Church. There are also bicycle races that occur in autumn, as well as Maureen Haven’s 5k Fall Fun Run. Bicycle safety is a key target of the Riverhead community, as they are working diligently to make Riverhead a safe place to travel by bike riding, and are crafting safe bike routes to help pursue this goal. This operation is part of a grander scheme, deemed the ‘Creating Healthy Places in Suffolk County Program.’

Riverhead has its fair share of magnificent and highly regarded restaurants. Favored eateries include: Stonewalls Restaurant, The Riverhead Project, Farm Country Kitchen, and Jerry and the Mermaid. Jerry and the Mermaid serves seafood dishes and looks to incorporate locally caught fish and locally grown produce into all of their meals. They also serve Long Island Wine, providing for a truly authentic, Long Island dining experience.

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