Homes for Sale in Islip Terrace


Islip Terrace is located within the town of Islip. It came to fruition in 1914 as a result of the development of a wooded area that lay between East Islip and Central Islip. Today, Islip Terrace supports a population of about 5,300 individuals, of whom men maintain the majority at 51.5% of the population. The median age of residents is 38.4, while the median household income is $91,805 as of 2012. Islip Terrace occupies a space just south of 1.5 square miles.

Islip Terrace does not have its own public school system. It is instead served by East Islip’s district. Seven schools apply to the East Islip district; Connetquot Elementary School, John F Kennedy Elementary School, Timber Point Elementary School, East Islip High School, Ruth C Kinney Elementary School, East Islip Middle School, and the Early Childhood Center. For the most recently completed academic year (2013-2014), each school was held in ‘good standing’ based on the New York State Department of Education’s designation hierarchy. This is the highest mark handed out and illustrates that each school has effectively met all New York State educational standards for the year. Beyond that, Timber Point Elementary School received further accolades as a ‘reward school,’ meaning that over the past academic year it has improved in a multi-faceted array of categories.

Islip Terrace has many amenities for residents as it’s in close proximity to many parks, beaches, and restaurants. Directly within Islip Terrace, residents can visit Beaver Dam Park or eateries like: Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Terrace Bagelry & Bakery, Terrace Garden Deli, and C & L Terrace Cafe. These different locations help to illustrate the various types of dining experiences that can be appreciated within the area.

Beyond the restaurant scene, residents can visit parks like Sailors Haven & Sunken Forest, Captree State Park, and Heckscher State Park. Sailors Haven & Sunken Forest has a beach, marina, and areas for recreation. It is a unique location, as the boardwalk here cuts through an old forest, providing for a memorable experience where visitors will be fascinated by the views and peacefulness of the area. Heckscher State Park occupies a very large area of land and enables visitors to enjoy the beach, boating, and recreational activities like hiking. Captree State Park is very popular for fishing and boating, while also providing dining locations, making for a great day trip. These parks are all located within the Islip Township and are just a few minutes’ drive away from Islip Terrace.

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