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Holtsville is a hamlet located in both the Brookhaven and Islip townships. Its initial beginnings reflect a history entrenched in farming, although only a few farmhouses were originally present in the area. Today, Holtsville has a bustling population of 20,000 residents, which entertains a 50-50 ratio of men to women. The median resident age is 39.3 years, while the median household income as of 2012 was just north of $85,000. Holtsville is a 7.1 square mile area with a population density of 2,800 residents per square mile.

The Sachem School District services Holtsville. The district is one of the largest on Long Island and amongst the largest in the state, tailoring to 15,000 students annually. For the 2013-2014 academic period, the Sachem School District received an overall grade of ‘good standing’ based on the New York State Department of Education criteria. This is the highest specification achievable. Of the 18 schools within the district, 16 received marks of ‘good standing.’ These schools were Grundy Avenue School, Lynwood Avenue School, Nokomis School, Waverly Avenue School, Sagamore Middle School, Seneca Middle School, Wenonah School, Cayuga School, Merrimac School, Chippewa Elementary School, Tecumseh Elementary School, Tamarac Elementary School, Sachem High School North, Sequoya Middle School, Sachem High School East, and Samoset Middle School. Two schools scored the second highest grade of ‘local assistance plan’ meaning improvement is necessary. These schools were Gatelot Avenue School and Hiawatha School. Sachem High School North received further acclaim as a ‘reward school,’ showing it has made significant progress over the past year in multiple categories. The accolades continue to mount, as Sachem High School North was ranked 1226 out of the 2000 best public high schools in 2013 according to Newsweek.

Holtsville maintains a flourishing restaurant scene. Popular eateries include: La Famosa, La Capannina, Firehouse Bagels, Sports Deli, and Yau-Yu Kitchen. Although these restaurants are just a small example of all that Holtsville offers, they present vast cuisines styles with Italian, Chinese, American, and Jewish roots. Other popular eateries worthy of mention include Sonoma Grill, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, and Bread & Butter Bistro.
Beyond the impressive restaurant scene, there are popular attractions like the Town of Brookhaven Wildlife and Ecology Center. This center is an exceptional facility providing for very unique experiences; it hosts an animal reserve, has three pools, a playground, exercise trails, gardens, tours, and more! The animal reserve is home to over 100 animals that are injured or have been deemed un-releasable into the wild. Visitors can relish in the viewing of these animals from everyday farm animals like goats and cows to exotic big cats or bison. This facility is especially popular during the summer months, serving as a safe location and swimming environment for locals looking to beat the heat. The Wildlife and Ecology Center is located at 249 Buckley Road in Holtsville and is a must visit for both residents and visitors!

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