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The Incorporated Village of Patchogue helps to make up the Brookhaven Township. It can follow its perplexing history back to the 1600’s where it was purchased in 1664 by Governor Winthrop of Connecticut. The land remained desolate for years and some of the land was eventually sold to John Brewster and Thomas Strong.  The remaining land was sold to Humphrey Avery, whom sold the land in a lottery system in 1756 in an attempt to pay off debt and recoup his investment. Throughout the years Patchogue prospered as a result of the shipbuilding industry, which heavily influenced the economic climate of the settlement. Today, Patchogue consists of about 12,000 residents, 51% of whom are females. The median age of residents is 37.3, while the median household income as of 2012 was $66,062.

The Village of Patchogue’s school district is also composed of residents from Medford. There are 11 schools included in this vast district. Of these 11 schools, 8 schools were deemed in ‘good standing’ by the New York State Department of Education. This mark is the highest attainable and shows the schools ability to meet all NYS educational standards. These schools were Barton Elementary School, River Elementary School, Oregon Middle School, South Ocean Middle School, Patchogue-Medford High School, Eagle Elementary School, Canaan Elementary School, and Saxton Middle School. The remaining 3 schools – Tremont Elementary School, Bay Elementary School, and Medford Elementary School, all received marks of ‘local assistance planning’ for the 2013-2014 school year, which means that they must improve over the next year. This is the second highest mark that a school can achieve. Overall, the Patchogue-Medford school district does a respectable job of accommodating its many students.

Patchogue has scores of public parks and recreational facilities. Villagers can enjoy serene afternoons at one of the many parks; Shorefront Park, Father Tortora Park, John S. Belzak Park, Four Sisters Park, and Rider Avenue Park. From boating to tennis, there are endless ways to stay active thanks to facilities like the Parks & Recreation Center, Shorefront Park Softball Field, Four Sisters Tennis Courts, Mascot Dock & Marina, Pool & Beach Club, Rotary Basketball Courts, and Belzak Tennis Courts. There are also programs and events that occur frequently, which are tailored to individuals of all ages: sailing lessons, water Zumba, golfing, art classes, annual garden tours, and a summer concert series. The town is very active, particularly in the summer months. Seniors can stay active and involved through the Senior Center and community bonding can be fortified through participation in moving events like the annual Liz Kelly ‘Run For The Sun,’ which serves to honor the memory of Liz Kelly, former Stony Brook University student who fought a courageous battle with cancer. The community at Patchogue is very tight-knit and the Liz Kelly event helps to embody such a strong sense of community.

The restaurant scene in Patchogue offers plenty of well-liked eateries. Dominant restaurants include The Oar Steak and Seafood Grill, Ristegios, That Meetball Place, Public House 49, and PeraBell Food Bar. Offering everything from contemporary American to mouthwatering Italian, you will be able to find a delicious burger or beautiful seafood dish easily! If you’re looking for an area that has lots of entertainment, downtown Patchogue has you covered. Listen to live music at venues such as the Tap Room and Bluepoint Brewery. For an even larger music venue, head to Emporium, for live entertainment and late night dancing.

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