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Jericho can find its early roots dating back as far as the late 1640s, where it at first existed as part of a plantation. Jericho was mainly composed of Quakers and occupies a space of about 4 square miles. Today, Jericho sustains a population of about 13,600 where 52.7% of the population is made up of women. The median age of residents in Jericho is 45.1 years, while the median household income is $138,602, according to 2012 figures.

Jericho operates a highly esteemed and well-regarded school district. The district consists of five schools, Cantiague Elementary School, Jericho Middle School, Robert Seaman Elementary School, Jericho Senior High School, and George A Jackson School. For the 2013-2014 academic period, all five of these schools received the highest applicable designation; ‘good standing,’ based on the New York State Department of Education’s educational gradation schedule. ‘Good standing’ is evidence of a school’s ability to perform successfully and meet all standards of the state. Further, four of these schools were even regarded as ‘reward schools,’ which means that over the past academic year they have made impressive improvements in a number of categories. Cantiague Elementary School, Jericho Middle School, Jericho Senior High School, and George A Jackson School all received this distinction. More impressively, in 2012 U.S. News & World Report ranked Jericho Senior High School 94 in the nation.

There are many interesting activities and things to do in Jericho. Residents can seek membership at the private Meadow Brook Club, which offers an illustrious golf course where avid golfers can better their game. Also, as Jericho is located within the township of Oyster Bay and Nassau County, there are many parks and recreational facilities that residents can easily travel to. Such locations include: Cantiague Park, Eisenhower Park, and the Mitchel Athletic Complex. Cantiague Park has widespread uses and is a great place for families to spend leisurely time. There is miniature golf, tennis courts, basketball courts, a new turf field, a golf course, and even a swimming pool. Eisenhower Park sports three golf courses, sports facilities, a state of the art pool complex among other amenities on a massive 930 acre area of land. The Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre is located within Eisenhower Park and is a busy location during the summer offering movie screenings amongst other entertainment venues. Mitchel Athletic Complex provides fields for athletic competitive and recreational use.

Jericho is no stranger to delicious food, as it supports a notable repository of dining locations. Such special places include: Market Bistro, Frank’s Steaks, Fanatico Italian Bistro, Milleridge Inn, and Vintage Bar and Grill. Milleridge Inn and Fanatico Italian Bistro have drawn acclaim from diners, receiving awards for ‘most booked,’ and being ‘kid friendly,’ respectfully. These designations were awarded based on diner reviews amassed on Market Bistro is an awesome spot to grab a bite to eat and listen to live music, as bands frequent the eatery. If you enjoy a good steak, look no further than Vintage Bar and Grill and Frank’s Steaks. Additionally, from this small representation of some local dining hotspots, there is a manifold of different cuisines to indulge in. No matter what your preference, Jericho has a restaurant for you.

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