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Port Washington was originally land inhabited by the Matinecock Indians. They turned over this land to 18 families from Connecticut in 1643. This cost of this transaction for the families were items like gun-powder and clothes. The land was initially named ‘Cow Neck’ and throughout its history, Port Washington has been exposed to and prospered from numerous industries that were prevalent during different eras. Such industries include, fishing, farming, and shell fishing. Like other areas on Long Island, Port Washington became popular for its close proximity to New York City, allowing easy commuting thanks to the Long Island Rail Road, which introduced a station in the area in 1898, helping to expedite the growth of the community. Today, Port Washington sustains a population of about 16,000 individuals based on the 2010 census – females make up 51% of said population. The median family income based on 2012 estimates is $116,600, while the median age of residents is 43.1.

Seven schools fall within the Port Washington School District: Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School, Guggenheim Elementary School, Manorhaven Elementary School, John J Daly Elementary School, South Salem Elementary School, John Philip Sousa Elementary School, and Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School. Impressively, each of these schools was designated as in ‘good standing’ for the 2013-2014 school year by the New York State Department of Education. This classification denotes a school’s ability to adequately fulfill state requirements for the year. Additionally, Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School and South Salem Elementary School were also labeled as ‘reward schools,’ signaling that the schools have improved in a myriad of different accountability categories over the past year. The praise continues as the Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School was ranked 264 out of the 2000 best public high schools in the US in 2013, according to Newsweek.  Schreiber High School also offers sound athletic programs, with strong football, lacrosse, and cross country programs. Also, both the fall and spring sports teams maintain excellent track records for producing scholar athlete teams, meaning the team, as a whole, has a minimum of a 90% academic average.

Port Washington is an energetic community offering an abundance of different places to visit and things to do. There are museums and historical societies, such as: Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society, Friends of the Sands Point Preserve, and Pride of Cow Bay Nautical Museum. The Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society, for example, is perfect for those whom are drawn to local history and its preservation. The society focuses on maintaining historical landmarks in Port Washington; these landmarks include the Sands-Willets House, which is a historic farm-styled home from the 1700s. There are also many recreational activities within which to partake; boating, fishing, exercising, and cruises. Charter a yacht for a serene night on the water with Port Yacht Charters or enroll your children in Police Athletic League (PAL) sports leagues. Golfing enthusiasts can master their craft at Harbour Links Golf Club and Pro Shop or North Hempstead Country Club.

Port Washington has an amazing restaurant scene with restaurants located right on the water, providing for an unmatched ambiance. Such restaurants include: La Motta’s Waterside Restaurant, Chez Noelle, and Aiko Sushi & Bar, and many more.

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