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Glen Cove was originally called Moscheto, as it was a preferred port utilized by English immigrants traveling from the New England area. Joseph Carpenter bought a large parcel of land north of Oyster Bay on May 24, 1668, where he enlisted four partners; Daniel Coles, Nathaniel Coles, Robert Coles, and Nicholas Simkins. Glen Cove was initially part of this Oyster Bay Township, however, as the population swelled and the city flourished, Glen Cove separated from the township in 1917 to become the City of Glen Cove. Today, Glen Cove supports a healthy population of about 30,000 individuals, where males and females each compose about 50% of the population. The median age of residents is 40.6 years, while the median family income as of 2012 was $65,749.

Glen Cove possesses a very impressive school district. Of the 6 schools within the district, 5 received a mark of ‘good standing’ for the 2013-2014 school year according to the New York State Department of Education. ‘Good standing’ means that the school has met all statewide criteria for the year, and is the highest designation that can be achieved. The schools which received this mark were Deasy Elementary School, Connolly Elementary School, Gribbin Elementary School, Landing Elementary School, and Glen Cove High School. Robert M. Finley Middle School received a grade of ‘local assistance plan,’ the second highest attainable mark, meaning some improvement in necessary. Glen Cove’s accolades go beyond academics, too, with very successful sports programs. This year the football team was the ‘Big Four Champions’ in Conference III, the girls varsity basketball team helped their coach surpass the 400 win milestone, and the varsity cheer squad won 1st place at Mepham Fall Classic Competition. The district also excels in sports like wrestling, cross country, and soccer.

Glen Cove provides many resources and outlets for entertainment. There is a great deal of beaches and parks available for public visitation; Big Ralph Park, Crescent Beach, Dennis Bryan Murray Park, Glen Cove Yacht Club, Morgan Memorial Park, Pryibil Park, and Stanco Park are such examples. These locations offer amenities such as basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, and golf courses. Glen Cove Yacht Club is perfect for avid beachgoers and boating enthusiasts. It offers a floating dock, a pump out station, weekend launch service, amongst other necessities to accommodate your boating needs. Morgan Memorial Park is a pleasurable place to visit in the summer, as there is an enduring music festival from July-August with a miscellaneous group of bands, from tribute bands to the US Navy band. Further activities can be sought out at the museums in town – The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County and Garvies Point Museum. Each presents an opportunity for an interesting, academic day.

There are sporting facilities available for use by town residents, too. Such facilities are John Maccarone Memorial Stadium and Pascucci Soccer Field. These facilities are tailored to baseball, basketball, and soccer, with multiple courts and fields for recreational and competitive use. Additionally Glen Cove offers youth sports leagues for baseball, softball, boxing, soccer, lacrosse, football, and cheerleading. These programs are a great way to immerse yourself and your children in the community and partake in endless sporting events!

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