Homes for Sale in North Lynbrook


North Lynbrook is an unincorporated community residing within the Hempstead Township. North Lynbrook is located between the incorporated villages of Malverne and Lynbrook. It composes a rather small area of only .1 square miles and has a population of approximately 800, based on the 2010 census report. Females maintain an undeniable majority in the area, representing 64.8% of the population. The median age of residents is 50, while the median household income is $90,045.

North Lynbrook is part of the Malverne School district. The Malverne district has 4 schools under its jurisdiction, Davison Avenue Intermediate School, Maurice W Downing Primary School, Malverne Senior High School, and Howard T Herber Middle School. All of these schools, except for Davison Avenue Intermediate School, were in ‘good standing’ for the most recently ended (2013-2014) academic period. This indicates the schools have effectively met the New York State Department of Education’s requirements for the year. Davison Avenue Intermediate School received a grade of ‘local assistance plan,’ which is the next highest grade and is indicative that performance needs to be improved over the next year. In 2013, Malverne Senior High School ranked amongst the top 2000 best public high schools in the nation at 1682, according to Newsweek.

Because of its unique location between two villages, North Lynbrook has the benefit of allowing residents and visitors to be in close proximity to a large number of restaurants and facilities. In Malverne, people can enjoy a night out bowling at San-Dee Lanes, which also offers a bar and kitchen. There is a joinable league, too, so why not try your hand at competitive bowling? Malverne Cinema is a great place to go to see the newest motion picture. Taverna Uva Rossa is a relatively new restaurant in Malverne, which has become a successful, trendy new spot. In Lynbrook, Micky Mo’s Cafe and Lounge is new to the nightlife/entertainment scene, offering live bands performances, food, and drinks. Wraptor Grill is a popular eatery, serving delicious sandwiches and paninis.

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