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Malverne Village is located within the Hempstead Township. It is believed to be one of the oldest settlements on Long Island, as it was initially home to the Rockaway Indians. Its fertile land and array of streams attracted the attention of many who came to farm the land in the 18th and 19th centuries. Malverne became an incorporated township April 13, 1921. As of 2013, Malverne had a population hovering around 8,500 with a median family income of $81,784. Given its small size and close proximity to NYC, it has emerged as a community popular amongst first-time home buyers. It is conveniently located close to NYC (about 25 miles away), with easy access to the LIRR.

The Malverne school district has received an overall score of ‘good standing’ in regards to their academics, signifying they are meeting all NYS requirements. However, one school, Davison Avenues Intermediate School, received marks of ‘local assistance plan,’ which merely means some improvement is necessary; it is the second best ranking following ‘good standing.’ Malverne Senior High School was ranked 1682 out of 2000 of the best public high schools in the nation by Newsweek in 2013.  

Malverne offers numerous community events and attractions. During the summer months into autumn, residents have the ability to hear bands play in town, attend board meetings, become a member of the Volunteer Ambulance Corps youth squad, or attend a clam bake. If you’re looking to be further involved in the community, you can join the Malverne Reserve Police Force where you will be trained in areas like CPR and First-Aid to help enhance community safety.

If you’re looking to settle in a community with great food, Malverne is a superb decision. There are many popular eateries like: Taverna Uva Rossa, Our Town Grille, Malverne Deli, Antonio’s Italian Gourmet, Connolly Station, and Il Villagio.
Additionally, there are attractions and landmarks to visit, including: Joe Allocco’s Franklin Horror Square, Center for Science Teaching and Learning, Grossmann’s Farm, The Malverne Cinema, and Baldwin Historical Society and Museum. There are also children friendly parks, such as: The Carbone Toddler Park on Church Street and Westwood Park.

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