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Franklin Square is a popular location in Nassau County. Like many other communities on Long Island, Franklin Square has beginnings as far back as the 1640’s. Rev. Robert Fordham and John Carman are ultimately responsible for the genesis of Franklin Square by successfully obtaining close to 64,000 acres of land for traded objects that had little intrinsic value. Throughout the 1900’s the land, which had existed primarily as farmland, saw a major transition, as the population surged and homes were built to accommodate these individuals. The Franklin Square National Bank was the main reason for this occurrence, as it helped the economy to prosper and precipitated the large population rise, which endured up until the 1940’s. Today, Franklin Square maintains a population of over 30,000 residents, 53% of whom are females. The median resident age is 42.4 years, while the median household income is $81,716, as of 2012.

Three schools comprise the Franklin Square School District. These schools, John Street School, Polk Street School, and Washington Street School, were all regarded as in ‘good standing,’ for the 2013-2014 school year and also deemed ‘reward schools.’ A mark of ‘good standing’ is the highest attainable in the New York State Department’s ranking system and shows the schools have acutely met all standards set forth by the state. A reward school is an additional designation meaning that the school has made improvements in multiple academic categories over the past school year. H. Frank Carey Junior-Senior High School and Valley Stream North Junior-Senior High School are the two public high schools located within Franklin Square, although they belong to the Sewanhaka and Valley Stream districts, respectfully. Both of these schools were held in ‘good standing,’ for 2013-2014. Further, Valley Stream North High School was ranked 985 of the best 2000 public high schools in the nation in 2013, according to Newsweek. H. Frank Carey High School offers a very strong football program.

Franklin Square is located within the township of Hempstead. As a result, there are many parks and recreational facilities available for use. Rath Park, for example, which is located in Franklin Square, offers amenities such as basketball and tennis courts, picnicking areas, and a playground. There is also a pool available. The recreational facilities and pool are only for use by residents, as non-resident use is restricted, therefore parents can feel comforted knowing the playground and playing fields offer a safe environment for children. Additionally, there are several beaches that residents can visit, including: Lido Beach Town Park, Town Park at Sands, Town Park at Point Lookout, Lido West Town Park, and Hewlett Point Park. These beaches provide beautiful sandy sanctuaries with on-duty lifeguards every day of the week throughout the busy summer months.

Franklin Square also has a desirable restaurant scene. Popular eateries, include: Plattduetsche Park Restaurant & Caterers, Palomino’s Restaurant, Park Place Restaurant & Bar, and Luigi’s Restaurant & Bar. Luigi’s Restaurant & Bar has received much praise for its delicious dishes that are cooked to perfection.

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