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Elmont is located within Hempstead with origins stemming from the acquirement of land from Dutch colonists. Thomas Foster and Christopher Foster were the recipients of this land in 1650 and chose to coin the area Foster’s Meadow. This name lasted for 200 years, but was ultimately altered in the late 19th century. Throughout this time, Elmont existed mainly as a rural community, however this all changed with the construction of the Belmont Racetrack in 1905. This stimulated the local economy by creating jobs and drawing in more visitors and workers. The community had to adapt to cope with this inflow of people, thereby leading to development of land and home creation and a transition away from mere farmland. As of the most recent census in 2010, Elmont has a population of 33,198 individuals, 52.8% of whom are females. The median resident age is 37 years, while the median household income is $81,680 based off 2012 figures.

Elmont is unique, as two districts service the village; Elmont and Sewanhaka. The Elmont School district has 6 schools within its jurisdiction. These schools are Clara H Carlson School, Covert Avenue School, Alden Terrace School, Dutch Broadway School, Gotham Avenue School, and Stewart Manor School. 5 of these schools received the highest possible grade of ‘good standing’ by the New York State Department of Education, meaning they have excelled in their academics and met all state held standards. Gotham Avenue School was the only anomaly, as they received the lower rank of ‘local assistance plan,’ meaning they need to improve academically. The Sewanhaka School District is unique in that although six different locations belong to the district, only one school applies to the district. Each school in the district is a high school serving students from grades 7-12. As illustrated above, these places, like Elmont, operate their own elementary school system and as the children grow up they transition to the Sewanhaka district to attend high school – there is no middle school for grades 7-8. The high school that applies to Elmont is the Elmont Memorial High School, which was listed as in ‘good standing’ for the most recent school year. Moreover, Elmont Memorial High School has received national acclaim, boasting impressive accolades as a recipient of a National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. This award is recognized as signifying the school’s excellence in academic achievement or improvements to education that the school has made; it is massive honor. Elmont Memorial offers a profound and respected football program.

Belmont State Park is located in Elmont and plays host to the last leg of the Triple Crown Horse races, which occur annually in June. It drives in thousands of spectators and offers an atmosphere suitable for both friends and family. It is a true spectacle, as the park is able to support 100,000 visitors. On the other side of the spectrum, Elmont Road Park is a more day-to-day destination, offering amenities, such as: basketball courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, and quiet sitting areas. It is a safe place to frequent with kids so that they can enjoy the outdoors. Popular restaurants to explore include places, like: King Umberto, Ah Law Kitchen, Stop 20 Diner, Martino’s of Elmont, and Gino’s Pizza. These eateries are just a small sample of the many different dishes and cuisines to experience in Elmont.

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