Share services the Long Island and NY Metro Area. was created with our users in mind; we are your ultimate, hype-local resource as you embark on the journey of purchasing a home in the Long Island/NY Metro Area. Buying a home is a serious endeavor. We realize that every individual that comes to has a unique set of characteristics, requirements, and questions regarding making a purchase, renting, and/or selling. The home is where we raise our family, grow as individuals, cement our identity, and experience life; or perhaps is an investment in your financial future. Choosing the right home is a major decision. We are here to help. has the answers to any and all of your questions that are guaranteed to arise when going through the home buying process. We have relationships with professionals in all of the necessary industries. Need to know about brokers, lenders, school districts, insurance, neighborhoods, inspectors and more, in the Long Island and NY Metro Area? We have answers to all your questions. Ask an expert today! (Make the words “ask an expert” click through to the questionnaire.

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